NCAA Member Gallery Pages

Welcome to the Newnan-Coweta Art Association Artist Gallery!

Each member artist has the opportunity to have their own listing on our site.  Explore their work and find out more about their upcoming shows by clicking on their name to see more information.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork or commissioning a piece, please contact the member directly.

Yvette Abrahamson Susan Faircloth Millie Lau Open
Sandra L. Adams Sylvia Feenaghty Shelley Laurin Shakeyla Shinholster
Sheri Anderson Teresa Foshee Chad Loftin Sharonda Sindel
New Member Chelita Freeman Open Open
Donna Arnold Susan Gore Gardner Open Open
Teresa Benefield Roger & Charlene Gobi Open open
Susan Boehms-Harris Vinayak Godbole   open
New Member Gail P. Gulley Open Cecilia E. Smith
Maryann Bonk Ken Hamilton Mary Ann Madsen Open
Andrea Boswell Lucy Roberts Hamilton Nathaniel Mather Beth Snipes
Glenda & Shirley Boyd   Robert McLeod open
David Boyd Jr. Robert Hamman Deborah McNeil Marc Stewart
Pat Brown Vic (Enoch) Hanson Margo Merrifield open
Fred Buyarski Myra Harden Beth Moore Brad Strother
New Member Susie Harman Marcia Moore open
New Member Pat Heimes-Taylor open open
Clare Campbell Barbara Hellwig open open
Gary Carabetta Bette Hickman Open open
Sunny Carrel  New Member Barbara & Richard Moore open
Honey Corbin Cheryl Hipke Jenny Moore open
Tommy Craig Dinett Hok open Carol Toole
Cornelia Craine Sandy Holcomb Julie Nestor open
New Member Winnie Hull open Tammy Troyer
Dianne Cutler Dann Jackson Lila Oliphant open
New Member new Member Barbara Omerod Charles Tryon
Wanda Cox New Member Ruth Osorio Claudia Tucker
Tommy Craig Dann Jackson Jenny B Passler Ulla Strickland
  Len Jagoda Martin Pate Susan Vandivier
 New Member Sandra Johnson Victoria-Menna Perez Roger Vazquez
New Member New Member Yana Pidorvan Cheryl Vickers
New Member New Member Richard Pierce Paul Spencer Wadsworth
New Member Elliott & Celeste Kelley OPEN Frankie Walters
New Member Barbara Kelly OPEN Christy Weinstein
New Member New Member Bryant Reese Michele Wright
Sue Davis Brigette, Paul & Payne Kemink Open Chris Wrighten
New Member Suzanne Kleese-Stamps Open Open
Ginni Dickinson C. Grace Krueger Angelo Robinson Open
Rae Duncan Michelle Krummel Robin Robiinson Open
New Member  Estelle Lantzy Open  
New Member New Member Michael Sawecki  
Sandy Essex New Member Adrienne Setzer s

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