Angelo T. Robinson



Angelo T. Robinson was born in Austell, Georgia in 1973. A self taught artist, he joined the US Navy in 1992, where he served ten years active duty and four years in the Naval reserves. Traveling to Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Africa, France, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Egypt, the Virgin Islands, Israel and the United Arab Emirates greatly influenced Angelo’s approach to art.

The vibrancy, diverse richness and simple beauty of the cultures that he experienced are demonstrated in his work through the use of bold color, compositions and lines that capture the essence of beauty. A 50% disabled veteran, his work is greatly influenced by a car accident that he experienced 1994. He was left completely blind for a week, with his vision returning over the next three months. Angelo has residual photophobia in his right eye and a crease in his left eye from the accident. Over the last few years Angelo discovered that he had to further simplify his process and his work to accommodate some depth perception and visual field loss. This led him to focus on a process of simplifying beauty to basic line and color where negative space is as important has the image itself.


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