Deb Thornton

Deb Thornton



Deb Thornton has always loved painting and has fond childhood memories of summer art programs.  Engineering was the catchphrase for the 1980s high school grads; as a result, she earned a BIE from Georgia Tech.  After a stint as a programmer Deb focused all her energy and attention on child nurturing.  Her three wonderful children were very supportive of their mother returning to college to pursue an art degree.


She found it fun to be in college at the same time as her kids.  Subsequently she became the proud recipient of an Associate of Studio Art degree from University of North Georgia.

Thornton never tires of working in her studio.  She loves the word “artist” and all the unbridled enthusiasm, creativity, and experimentation that word evokes.  The Newnan artist is most inspired by nature and outdoor living: the colors, the textures, the shapes of fruits, foliage, feathers, fur and faces…and just look at those clouds!  Deb enjoys adding a new spin on these types of acrylic “still” life and landscape paintings by using the palette knife as well as the brush.  She also crafts family and children’s portraits.


Look for her work displayed in various businesses in Newnan and Fairburn.

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