Margalena Lepore
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I am a lover of blue and gray. Of mist and rain. Of sunshine and sunsets. I believe there are stories to be told among our everyday lives of color and skies. Full color palettes of pure opportunity. My inspiration comes from the sky, but I find my landscapes settle somewhere in the heart of the simple, ordinary lifestyles. Things to be uncovered if we only look deep enough.


The combination of the “reflections” that accompany my skyscapes tell a whole story. One wouldn’t survive without the other. Read the stories and reflect on the meaning as you view the painting. Allow it time to resonate in your soul. Step back into a simpler way of life. One not cluttered with the noise of our society. This is were you will find the heart of it all.



My work has been called “lonely” and at one point that may have been the case, but now I would consider it open.

Let’s take a walk, shall we? I invite you to step into a space devoid of people where you can rest and be and speak. An opportunity to join me in this beautifully messy journey.

To look up. Pour out your heart. Breathe.

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