Monique Davis

(404) 275-7299
I am a novice artist with a passion for photographing and painting Holy images (churches, statues, grounds, etc.)  As a convert into the Roman Catholic Church, I discovered the Order of Preachers founded by St. Dominic, also know as the Dominican Order.  Thus the O.P. behind my name as a Lay Dominican.  My love for studying Church history brought about my interest in focusing my photography and painting upon historical places.  My husband and I moved to Newnan, GA in 2015 and have fallen in love with the community here: a community which treasures the arts and raising funds for worthy causes.
As the founder of Ave Maria Academy, also here in Newnan, GA, part of our mission is to immerse our students in the Heart of Truth (the Eucharist) which rightly informs our academic teachings: the seven liberal arts.  Students immerse themselves in study often via the study of art, poetry and music.  I am passionate about instilling in our youth a desire to express themselves in the arts. 
My hope is to be a solid volunteer for NCAA and to help promote events. Together, my husband Dan and I have two daughters, Elizabeth and Elise. Also high on my list of beloveds are my husband’s two sons and their families: Bo (wife Leslie and daughter Charlotte) and Chris (wife Lindsey).  We love our family to pieces and enjoy sharing in the fun events around Newnan with them.
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