Susan Vandivier

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Artist statement:
       My own “bucket list” was the start of my journey into painting. I enjoyed art classes in high school but never tried painting.  Soon it was college and marriage and raising a family that took priority .  Then one day the children grew up and married  and I decided it was time!  I started painting in acrylics back in 2009 and found myself so enamored that I lost all track of time.  I had caught the bug! After a year I decided to switch to oil as my medium of choice and I really enjoy it.  Then life gave me my wonderful parents to care for for five years in my home. I didn’t get to paint as much as I wanted to but it was worth it in the valuable time I had with them. Now I am hitting the restart button again!
To this point I have been self taught and I am inspired by nature to paint mostly landscapes/seascapes and all the wonderful places and things there are to see on this beautiful planet we call home.  I am a member of the Newnan Coweta Art Association and I have been thrilled to have my paintings accepted into several Juried Art Shows.   I hope to continue to study and grow and to never stop being amazed at all that nature has to offer.
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